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Our aim is to bridge the gap between a potential online merchant website and the Bank/ Acquirer, thus emerging as a 'one-stop shop' in the online credit card processing industry, back office services and risk management solutions by providing reliable, fast and easy services with the least paperwork at the most competitive rates to our clients.

When prospective clients/ companies contact us, we first look into the type of business and assess the risks involved; only then in consultation with the Bank/ Acquirer, takes the decision to go further. If the decision is in favor of the prospective client, only then under the master account a Merchant Account (separate MID) is setup for the client. The client then has the facility to use its own unique descriptor and also have direct access to its own merchant account details.

In order to accept online credit card payments from their customers, each of our clients will setup an independent account (MIDs) with This will allow their customers to purchase products and/ or services online, in real time through a credit card transaction. Our company has exclusive contracts with the bank/ acquirer to process multi currency online transactions.


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